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Welcome to Real Rent Comps, the best place to get an instant online comparative market analysis (CMA) for your rental real estate.

These comps will give you the information that you need in order to make informed decisions about setting the rent price, rent increases, advertising, and more.

The result is maximized cash flow.

It is fully web-based, so there is no software to install and maintain. All you need is a computer with Internet access!

To become a member of Real Rent Comps, sign up for a yearly membership of $119.40 ($9.95 monthly). This gives you unlimited access to an unparalleled database of rental comparables; the information you need to directly increase your bottom line. This price is the same regardless of the number of properties that you manage.  And for a limited time, the $100 signup fee has been waived!

  photocopy_drop_shadow bullet  The MLS isn't heavily used to advertise properties for rent.
If your comps are based upon a small fraction of the information that is out there, then it is very likely that you're using inaccurate data. This means that you're either going to set the rent price too high (attracting less desirable tenants) or too low (leaving money on the table).

Real Rent Comps pulls its data from the true source of rental property advertising: the penny-saver classified newspapers.

  graph_partial bullet  Ever experience "thin comps"? 
For example, you might not have seen many 4 bedroom properties that had rented in an area, and had to resort to "creative comparing" like considering 3 bedroom homes in the analysis. Because you'll now have the ability to see more comparables, the missing pieces to the puzzle, you will no longer need to play guessing games when there are too few comps match your property.

ad_features bullet  Is it really worth it to spend money on bold fonts or icons in the advertisements?
Real Rent Comps provides this information too, because it grabs the advertisements exactly as they appear.

number_listings_shadow bullet  Is your real estate agent holding back?
If the comps are being pulled by someone else with a vested interest in the transaction, they may be showing you only what they want you to see. With Real Rent Comps, you're in control.

mao1_shadow bullet  Make more money by LOWERING the rent price?
Real Rent Comps provides this information and much, much more.

It is very likely to more than pay for itself, literally, with just one rental unit. If you're not a member yet, you are probably already losing more than the membership fee. Here's an example:
Assume that you have a single house for rent and are seeking out a tenant. Each day of vacancy costs about $45 (this includes the normal fixed costs such as the mortgage and taxes, and the holding costs such as electricity and lawn service).  If you've overpriced the rent, even by a little bit, this can easily cost several days of vacancy... and you're also likely to get a lesser quality tenant as a result. 

Even if the rent was listed too low, you would also have been better off by becoming a member if the value was off by more than $9.95 per month.
Consider that the above example assumes a single unit. With two units, vacancy losses occur more often (and you would have half of the margin to have selected the "correct" rent on both of your properties.) The value in your membership increases with the number of units in your portfolio.

You probably wouldn't want to be paid $9.95 a month to scan the newspapers to keep track of the rent market every day. So let Real Rent Comps do it for that price and you can focus on what you want to do.

Come see what you've been missing. This truly is the real way to get real estate rental comparisons.